Mechatronics (Automation and Autotronics Technology) Department

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that combines electrical, electronics, computer and mechanical engineering technology in the design and control of modern automated machinery, equipment and systems.

The Mechatronics department in MSTC Abuja is fully equipped with the required modern tools and equipment needed in all aspects of mechatronics technology including robotics and artificial intelligence.

On completion of this programme, trainees will be able to plan and carry-out maintenance work on Industrial Digital Machinery and Automotive.

Job Opportunities

There are job opportunities for graduates of mechatronics technology in many of the high technology manufacturing and servicing industries where they are employed as mechatronics technicians and engineers.

The mechatronics technician is also relevant and employable in any electrical, electronics, computer and mechanical technology firm.

Mechatronics Department NBTE Courses

  • NID in Mechatronics and Automation Technology
  • NVC in Automotive Mechatronics Technology