Facility Management Technology Department

This Department is one of the Institutional departments of the Model Skills Training Centre. It is a versatile Training Department which is an Integration of Mechanical services, Electrical services and other allied technologies. The effective application of these technologies ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the various systems that make up a building or Facility. Hence, the Facility Management Technology Department utilizes the modular instructional learning system to provide the requisite skills for the maintenance and installation of mechanical systems, electrical systems and software on facilities.

On completion of this programme, trainees will be able to plan, install and maintain mechanical & Electrical Facilities in domestic, industrial and organizational structures.

Job Opportunities

The Facility Management Technology graduates and Trainees have a very high potential of being employed by companies/industries that provide:

  • Building Management and Maintenance Services;
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Services;
  • Oil & Gas Services;
  • Electrical Services;
  • Facility Management Services;
  • Mechanical Services;
  • Welding and Fabrication Services;
  • Commercial and Residential Air-Condition Services.

It is worth noting that our trainees have an edge over trainees and graduates from other higher institutions of learning because of the Hands-On technical skills training we provide.

Graduates of this skills area can also establish their own outfits.

Facility Management Technology NBTE Courses

  • NID in Facility Management Technology
  • NID in Construction Technology
  • NID in Welding and Fabrication Technology
  • General and Foundation Courses