Information and Communication Technology Department

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department offers an exciting curriculum designed to train students to acquire the requisite skills and knowledge needed for the workplace and or further their education. The primary aim of the department is to prepare young people for the technologically driven world of work and to provide them with routes into the IT industry.

We envision every instructor a change agent, every student an engaged learner and active contributor.

On completion of this programme, graduates will be able to: install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot networks and network devices; design, develop, deploy and maintain software; assemble, install, configure and maintain computers; detect and fix technical faults in computers.

Job Opportunities

A wide range of private and public organizations in all industries employs graduates, ranging from telecommunication, manufacturing, banking, retail, government, education health care and insurance. Some of the job titles held by graduates includes, Systems Administrator, System Engineer, PC support technician, ICT Manager, ICT Sales Assistant, Information systems manager, IT consultant, IT technical support officer, Systems analyst, Software Programmer, Web Designer and Developer, Database administrator, Network Administrator.

There are excellent opportunities for career advancement to supervisory position and beyond. Furthermore, students can upgrade their technical skills and knowledge by taking up higher-level courses in the university and any other institution of higher learning.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Department NBTE Courses

  • NID in Computer Hardware Engineering
  • NID in Computer Software Engineering
  • NID in Networking & System Security
  • General and Foundation Courses