Hospitality and Tourism Studies (HTS) Department

Training in Hospitality and Tourism Studies spans a period of two (2) years leading to the award of National Innovative Diploma (NID) certificate. The graduate trainee would be adequately equipped with skills and knowledge to enable him/her operate and/or work in a hospitality industry and/or tourism organizations to acceptable International Standards.

On completion of this programme, trainees would be able to work in a standard hospitality and tourism Organisation or establish his/her own company.

Job Opportunities

Graduates of Hospitality and Tourism Studies are employed by establishments in hospitality and tourism sector as Assistant Chef, Restaurants Supervisors, Cooks, Waiters/Waitress, Front Desk Staff, Housekeepers, Tour Guide, etc.

They can also establish their own outfits.

Hospitality and Tourism Department NBTE Courses

  • NID in Hospitality and Tourism Studies
  • General and Foundation Courses